London: The Palomar

Food is so much a part of any adventure. And it isn’t difficult to make that a good part, memorable for all the right reasons, like dropping an email to secure two counter seats at the buzzing Chinatown/Soho outpost that is The Palomar. Even better when doing so gets you plonked right in front of the captain – “CHEF” Tomer Amedi – who was an excellent host and all-round incredible multitasker.

Amedi manages to refine and intensify already addictive Israeli / middle eastern flavours, while delivering generous portions. We curated our menu for the evening based on a mix of recommendations and tastebud inclinations. And I must say that the latter proved the most reliable, after all. Highlights include the Beets-Go-Prawns, smoky beets propping up Josper-grilled prawns with just a hint of sumac and char. The hand-chopped chicken liver pate was chunky without being grainy, and well-balanced by the crisp, almost biscotti-like toast squares that accompanied. Truffle lovers would also go wild at the silky polenta topped with bright asparagus, mushrooms, parmesan and truffle oil – classic combinations that never fail to delight.

But the real star was, without a doubt, Octo-Hummus – a wild party of the earth and sea with octopus grilled to the point where a delightfully crispy exterior has formed, while leaving the interior unctuously velvety. Accompanying hummus was the perfect foil for the oily octopus, and the basil cream dressing lifted the entire dish by leaving a lovely clean aftertaste on my palate. So divine, we had seconds.

It’s near impossible to end a meal here without a huge smile on your face. The Palomar team have such a love for the food they cook, which is quite palpable in each dish. And that really makes all the difference.

The Palomar


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