Singapore: Kilo at Pact

In my humble opinion, Kilo is one of the more creative, inventive and yet affordable modern food places in Singapore, thus cementing it as a firm favourite. Amos and I had a lovely languid lunch one Sunday afternoon in Kilo at Pact, the baby sister of Kilo at Kampong Bugis, tucked away in a corner of Orchard Central.

The baby eggplant with mascarpone cheese and tempura crisps has always been a must-order for me; the eggplant’s oily, gooey creaminess is balanced by the rounded flavours of the mascarpone, while deep fried tempura batter adds a wonderful textural crunch. Earthy, woody beetroot complemented a bed of spicy arugula, with sweet, sour and savoury notes provided by candied pecans, deep fried shallots and a generous dollop of ricotta cheese. Finally, a yuzu ponzu truffled tai roll, stuffed with crab, was yet another example of how outstanding a pairing of citrus and seafood can really be. My only (tiny) gripe was that rice grains loosed from each roll – a sushi sacrilege – having been soaked by the ponzu.But no biggie.

My boss and I agree that the Kampong Bugis outfit offers a better menu, but Kilo at Pact will do in a pinch if you a) don’t happen to have a car, b) need some aircon and c) want to get a great haircut at the neighbouring Pact + Lim, i.e. is a great alternative any time. While these dishes are only offered on Sunday (all day brunch), great value rice bowls are available during weekday lunches. If you’re in the CBD, they also run Grain Traders. Expect great nosh.

Kilo at Pact
181 Orchard Road #02—14-23 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Mon-Sat 1100h-1500h, 1730h-2200h; Sun 1100h-1800h


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