Bangkok: Krua Apsorn


I’ve had the great blessing of traveling with people of similar tastes to mine, where food is high on our list of priorities. Thus despite a rather long and circular taxi ride, we all thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a Thai zichar (cooked food) restaurant tucked away in one of the more quiet areas of Bangkok. A spoiler for crab lovers – this is most definitely a must!

I’m not sure whether the menu at this Dinh So branch is pared down, as it isn’t flagship outlet. Nevertheless there was more than enough options to whet one’s appetite – we couldn’t control ourselves and ended up with a feast for just the three of us. Krua Apsorn is started by a lady whose cooking so wowed the previous Princesses of Thailand that they employed her as their personal chef, so really this dilemma was quite understandable.


Highlights include every dish containing crab – generous, huge and juicy chunks of crab meat de-shelled and lightly steamed before being incorporated into the dish. Its freshness was quite evident from a complete lack of rubbery texture of grimy aftertaste; what lingered instead was a lovely subtle sweetness that a good crab just does so well. We loved the crab fried rice, yellow curry, and crab omelette, the last an umami bomb of sweet crab in a beautifully crispy ball of egg.

Special mention also to perfectly marinated chicken wings, which were then fried to render the skin into a wonderfully thin, crisp consistency, yet still revealing juicy, glistening meat. I also loved how they did not hold back on the tom yam soup, which with its semi-clear broth looked deceivingly mild. Quite the opposite, but such a treat, without any of that contrived sweetness from too much sugar, its source here being generous servings of seafood and lemongrass.

I could go on, this place brings back great memories for my stomach. The staff were pretty impressed at our eating stamina, but it was truly worth it! Highly recommend this to be on your next Bangkok itinerary.

Krua Apsorn
Main: Samsen 1 Alley, Wat Sam Phraya, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
+66 2 241 8528

169 Dinso Road,
+66 (0)2 685 4531
Open Monday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-8 p.


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