Bangkok: On Lok Yun


I love how the common roots of countries in the Indochina and greater East Asian region can be see quite visibly through our food – it’s one of the truly lasting, living articles of heritage today. A perfect example would be the traditional steamed bread with kaya at On Lok Yun, a time capsule of ’60s Thailand tucked away in the streets of Bangkok’s Chinatown.

On Lok Yun is quite rightly famous for it’s pillowy soft steamed bread, which still yield a firm bite, coated with a rich, smooth kaya (coconut jam) and condensed milk dip. This same bread can also be ordered in toast form, slathered generously with butter and sugar – a mouthful of pure joy before any of these health campaigns ever got into the picture. Decent, also, was their western breakfast sets, an Asian take on diner food which you realise when you stumble upon those few slivers of chinese sausage tucked behind their western, cocktail kin.

All this rounded off with a tall glass of sweetened Thai iced tea. A worthy trip down for a peek into a Bangkok of years past…or ironically, check out #onlokyun @onlokyun on Instagram.

On Lok Yun – Thai Style American Breakfast
72 Charoen Krung Road
Hours: Daily, 0600h-1600h


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