Singapore: Non Entree Dessert Cafe

Chocolate Lava

I’ve been back here twice in a week! There’s just something about artfully plated desserts, a controlled hand when it comes to sugar levels, innovative flavour and texture pairings, and the fact that it is rather near my house. Non Entree Desserts is a dessert cafe newly opened along the burgeoning Rangoon Road, and I couldn’t be happier. All these choices!

The Valrhona chocolate lava cake with orange blossom ice cream, orange and crunchy tuile was suitably dramatic – lava cascading down into the awaiting arms of orange in its various forms, a lovely marriage of orange and chocolate that hardly goes wrong. Definitely a crowd pleaser, and I liked that the subtle bitterness of the chocolate wasn’t entirely overwhelmed by any added sugar, as is often the case.

Rubber Ducky

Rubber ducky, a cute combination of mango sorbet, tapioca pearls, lemongrass foam and creme fraiche pudding had an air of incongruity due to its plastic-toy appearance not quite preparing one for the mature flavours it contained. Hints of lemongrass were discernable, and cleansed the palate nicely to prepare for a medley of bright flavours obtained by one taking a huge scoop from the serving bowl. My favourite of the lot.

Cherry Bomb

This took a while to come, and by then we were quite stuffed, but there’s always room for more dessert! Unfortunately this didn’t quite match up to the other two – the earl grey jelly lacked strong tea and bergamot flavours, while the structure of the dessert was such that the body was overly rich in comparison to the emptier and hollowed base, holding indulgent kirsch-soaked cherries. There wasn’t as good a balance of texture with each mouthful, which could be remedied by a modified layering of the different elements inside the chocolate ball, that was otherwise beautifully painted. Or perhaps we simply ate it the wrong way…

Though not pictured, the gelato is also a real treat – rich, intense and happily, not skimpy at all on flavour which was bold and authentic. Not surprising, as the chef is apparently of Regent Hotel pedigree, which houses one of my favourite Italian restaurants, Basilico. Unfortunately, this also comes at a pricey $8.25 for a double scoop, but the density of the gelato and its intense flavour punch do leave you more than satisfied at the end.

Non Entree Desserts
204 Rangoon Rd, 218451
Tel: 9878 6543
Closed Mon, Tue-Thu: 1200-2200h, Fri: 1200-2300h,
Sat: 1200-2300h, Sun: 1200-2200h


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