Singapore: Aoki (Set Lunch)


Another lament on the declining standards of set lunches – Aoki’s mazechirashi, previously the gold standard for chirashi bowls, has significantly dipped in quality since my first time having it ~5 years ago. It probably doesn’t help that the price has increased to $40++ now!

Perhaps it was just a bad day to go – the chef was a touch too heavy-handed with the shoyu, while the fish was overly mushy at times and could not be picked up using my chopsticks without crumbling. Tako was chewy, a rather miserable and mushy serving of uni, an overload of tamagoyaki that threw off the sweet-savoury balance of the bowl…Thank goodness for sweet bursts of ikura which perked up each otherwise mediocre spoonful.


Or perhaps, the inevitable has happened and I’ve been spoiled by my exposure to exceptional sushi, whether via a conveyer belt hole-in-the-wall joint or in a more elegant setting. Nevertheless, I’d still expect a blue-chip Japanese restaurant stalwart to offer a significantly higher quality than what I had the other day. If I remember correctly, A’s beef bento box fared much better, but I didn’t have much of it to give a fair comment. At least the dessert mochi didn’t disappoint, and ended off the meal on a decent note.

Aoki Restaurant
1 Scotts Road, #01-19 Shaw Centre, 228208
6333 8015


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