Singapore: Wild Rocket at Mount Emily

tomato and crab salad

I want to like Wild Rocket, I really do. A soft spot for Singaporean fusion cuisine and the understanding that this outfit is trying to elevate Singaporean food, which has been stagnating for a long long time, pushed me to make a lunch reservation to see what they had on offer.

curry soup with youtiao
mee tai mak with braised meat and sous vide egg

The starters, a tomato and crab salad and curried soup with you tiao (dough fritter), boded really well. The salad was big on both crunch and bright flavours, even if combini style shredded lettuce was used, but the soup was on the runny side and the youtiao much too oily. The mains however were disappointing, and looked at best like fancy school food. Mee tai mak doesn’t quite gel with sous vide eggs, while curry chicken that is short on the chicken and baked with a flat tasting, supermarket style cheese doesn’t quite cut it. It did sound really good on the menu though.

baked chicken curry

Dessert picked up a little with lime-pomelo and gula melaka ice cream. Nothing inventive, since all these avant-garde ice cream parlours popped up, but safe flavour pairings done decently enough to cleanse one’s palate.

citrus sorbet with pomelo, gula melaka ice cream

I get that Wild Rocket is known more for its omakase menus, which I hear are truly creative and outstanding in their flavour reinventions. But how can a set lunch fall so far short? While set lunches have restricted offerings due to their lower price point, they are a teaser for what the restaurant can really offer come full dinner service, and ought to entice diners, at the very least. I can’t say that this lunch did so for me.

this beautiful cutlery tray slides out from the right hand side of your table

One thing beautiful about Wild Rocket is really its space and cutlery trays concealed neatly into likely custom built tables. I’d love to pay a return visit, but it will probably have to only be for an omakase this time.

Wild Rocket
10A Upper Wilkie Rd, Hangout @ Mount Emily
Singapore 228119


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