Singapore: Montana Brew Bar

fried chicken and (half a) waffle

I blame Masterchef Australia for a certain fried chicken and waffles craving that wasn’t quite satisfied until this early dinner at Montana Brew Bar. This being my first time having such a combination, I’m really impressed with how incongruous these two flavours paired together sound, yet combine for an awesome umami and textural party in the mouth with every bite.

Montana’s waffles were lovely – light and crispy, nicely browned on the outside without being overly sweet. My only gripe was that they could at least pair the tender chicken with a whole waffle, instead of half (that was later sliced lengthwise into two more halves). The coleslaw added a nice tangy touch, though the side of corn was rather bland.

matcha and strawberry waffle with vanilla ice cream

On the bright side, the lack of waffles left us wanting more, thus resulting in an order of their Matcha and Strawberry dessert waffle. Texture wise, quite faultless, but the matcha flavour could really have been more pronounced, especially when the sweetness of the ice cream and condensed milk all but overpowered any subtle matcha flavour that didn’t quite match up to how green the waffle appeared. That aside, a pleasing dessert and a nice finish to our meal.

Montana Brew Bar
1 Selegie Road, POMO #01-04 (next to Ya Kun)
Singapore 188306


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