London: Bao London

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It’s no secret that I can go crazy for baos. Just give me some fluffy steamed goodness, jam packed with flavour and I’m good to go! And that’s exactly what Bao did for me in London, despite a 25 minute queue under threateningly dreary skies. An update on the traditional gua bao (hirata buns, for the tongue-twisted, culture confused ones since this is not a Japanese dish please), Bao makes their buns so beautifully light but supple enough to hold the juiciness of its delicious fillings: deep fried daikon with chili sauce, or smoky pork belly generously sprinkled with peanuts. That’s an art in itself, since such buns are prone to being soaked with juice and promptly dissolving into a tasty mess in one’s hands.

We also got the taiwanese chicken, though something seemed amiss without a serving of plum powder; nevertheless their use of chicken thigh made for some very tender bites. All washed down with peanut milk, which I can’t decide whether to classify as a drink or dessert. It’s almost like a more liquefied version of peanut tang yuan filling i.e. satisfyingly creamy. Needless to say I was very pleased after all the food had disappeared.

Bao London
53 Lexington Street, Soho, W1F 9AS
No reservations, go early (30 mins ahead is good).


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