Paris: Pirouette

Incredibly excited to share what might just be one of my favourite meals of a recent trip to France. Met up with an old friend and we decided on a slightly more extravagant menu given that he had just finished defending his thesis (yay!). Hence a 6 plate degustation at Pirouette in Paris – every dish from good to excellent and am pretty sure they are on track to a michelin star or two. Only gripe was that the service was adorably uninformed when it came to describing the plate’s contents in English. Otherwise a very enjoyable meal, in a casual setting, all paired with a most versatile Alsatian 2012 riesling. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Pork crackling with radish, eggplant mousse and salad green
Saucisson with peanuts
Squid escabesche with grapefruit, endives and pine nuts
Ark shell clams with cauliflower puree and ricotta cheek
Pollock with agria potatoes and whelks
Hock tender snacked, piquillos and green peas
Ossau-Iraty cheese with black cherry jam and spice


Finished off with a white chocolate and coriander tart paired with strawberry ice cream. I especially loved the cheese course, though by that time it was getting rather crowded in my belly. But I’d go back just for this dessert – cheese treated till it’s become gorgeously creamy, with a perfect tinge of saltiness that paired brilliantly with the black cherry jam. Of course it’s made from sheep’s milk, my favourite kind, and a dab of the rather spicy pepper powder added a wonderful kick that was quite unexpected. Really wished A were there to try all this – he would love it. This place is truly a keeper.

5 Rue Mondétour, 75001 Paris, France
Phone: +33 1 40 26 47 81


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