Singapore: Froth Cafe




Froth Cafe at BIG Hotel looks like the kind of underground canteen that you’d find at a design school, black steel and clean lines and the random hanging light bulb. It also serves some pretty snackable foods fit for the metabolism of a young, skinny teenager. All these stereotypes I’m throwing up…my education could not have been further from this. The food is decent, if unimaginative, and a little overly salted. Props to the bottles of water promptly placed on our tables – I think they knew we’d need it. The doritos wings came deboned, which made them really easy to eat, but the aftertaste felt like a binge on doritos while having a LOTR marathon, plasticky and salty and briny. Better for sharing overall. Fish and chips came with a nice salad dressing, with the fries overly salted again, but the fish flaked well in a crispy batter. What we really came for though, was the taro waffle with a recommended pairing of earl grey ice cream. And it didn’t disappoint! Pretty impressed that the waffles didn’t degenerate into a soggy mess, having been stuffed generously with pureed yam. Balls of or nee (yam paste) sat prettily in the waffle pockets, that went well with the occasional blueberry. And a plus poiint is the earl grey ice cream not tasting of soap – a personal gripe of mine that results in me approaching every ball of earl grey with apprehension. Still, would go back for these and perhaps try the other flavours, especially since it’s so near A’s office. Whoop de doop.

Froth Cafe
200 Middle Road, 188980


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