Singapore: Fine Palate Cafe

IMG_7421 IMG_7422

So pleased to find this beauty of a lunch spot near A’s office. Tucked into the back of a row of restored shops, Fine Palate Cafe is a lovely, quiet spot for a luxurious lunch. I’d been here once a long time ago, but their menu has revamped since then to even better offerings with the same Australian influence. We had the crusted snapper and tuna cappellini, both extremely well executed although the pasta was made a little too slippery by the sauce. Cauliflower aioli accompanied the panko and hazelnut crusted snapper, which flaked very nicely for a firm bite. A doesn’t even like fish but this he appreciated very much! A pity they only open for lunch, as their main business is catering, but they do serve a pretty good cup of coffee for an apres meal treat. Service is fresh and fun – who else offers you a gigantic pepper grinder to whack around like a baseball bat?! Definitely going to be dining here quite a fair bit.

Fine Palate Cafe
51 Waterloo Street, #01-04/05
Monday – Friday / 11am – 4pm
Saturday / 10am – 4pm


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