Singapore: Artichoke Cafe

cauliflower sabbich: roasted cauliflower and celery, tahini, pickled onions, fried peppers, avocado, ricotta, tomatoes, coriander on pita bread

I’ll put it out there – this is a role model for players in the Singaporean cafe scene. Complex and refreshing flavours combine in a sensory explosion; a middle-eastern inspired feast for the eyes and the mouth, and finally some cafe food I don’t take one look and think: I can make this in my kitchen. And such a hearty brunch too after queing for entrance to the Parliament House.

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smoked salmon pancake with egg mayonnaise

We shared three dishes, the cauliflower sabbich, lamb shakshouka and smoked salmon pancake. Personally adored the earthiness of the roasted cauliflower paired with creamy feta cheese and avocado dressing on one half of the sabbich, contrasted with the tahini base of the other half. Topped off with roasted peppers, sweet onions and tart cherry tomatoes, blissful bites meant that the dish was gone in no time. Also enjoyable was the shakshouka, while a tad too salty when paired with the warm pita bread, made for a hearty spiced meal. Only wish that the lamb could’ve been a bit more tender as it was still on the chewy side.

lamb shashouka

And while the pancake could’ve done without the mayo – maybe a pumpkin mash instead? – the pancake was delightfully fluffy, with the sweet undertones of the batter just coming through. Even better when the little bits of pistachio and honey found their way onto your fork and into your mouth, if only there had been more. Set in a quirky, offbeat gentrified chapel, Artichoke is a lovely place to while the afternoon away. Huge thanks to Cass who also blessed us with a beautiful passionfruit meringue tart from sister bakery Overdoughs. Very much looking forward to my return trip.

Artichoke Cafe + Bar
161 Middle road, Sculpture Square
Singapore 188978

Tues-Fri 1830-2145h
Sat 1130-1445h (brunch) 1830-2145h (dinner)
Sun 1130-1445h (brunch)


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