Singapore: The China Club

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Tagged along for a dim sum breakfast treat one day with my parents and their friends. It was way too early but the morning light on the CBD is quite a sight! Spotted my future office, gosh. And there’s no shortage of panoramic views at the China Club, located on the 52nd floor of Capital Tower. The food is delicate and delicious, and presented really beautifully – kindly portioned into individual servings, though it took a while to come. My favourites were the red bean pancake and fried carrot cake (not pictured) as well as the xiao long bao, with a rich broth encased in paper-thin skin. Also, the abundance of wolfberries, of which I desperately need to consume now that my eyesight is going bonkers. I love dim sum, and here you can find an extremely palatable rendition served in an orientally opulent hall, set against a pretty impressive Singapore skyline. Will visit her sister restaurants in Hong Kong and Beijing…some day!

The China Club Singapore
168 Robinson Road
#52-01 Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Tel: +65 6820 2388


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