Singapore: The Lokal

DSC04535 DSC04536

A whirlwind Saturday morning saw us squeezing in a quick brunch at The Lokal, partly on a quest to use the gem of The Entertainer app (highly recommended if you love spending copious amounts of $ on food, or just want to try a ton of new places, or both). I think we picked extreme options on the menu, the very safe roast chicken ciabatta balanced by a ricotta avocado mountain piled onto a slice of brioche. The former was quite as expected, nothing particularly exciting…wish everything had a bit more flavour! Roast chicken, avocado and dry cured bacon included. But I was quite impressed with the tomato slices, bursting with summery goodness, and the very well baked bread which I used to liberally mop up the deliciously tangy honey mustard salad dressing. A’s brioche was an interesting combination, though we agreed that everything put together was a tad bit mushy, especially considering how soaked the bread had gotten. The edges were really good otherwise, especially when eaten with a generous serving of nuts, pomelo and honey! Too bad there wasn’t enough of that to go around. I really want to like The Lokal, with its beautiful space, and have heard tons of good things about it, but I left feeling rather nonplussed with a pile of unmet expectations only tempered by the 1-for-1 value afforded by the app. Will go back to try the banana bread, and another cup of a well made coffee, keeping my fingers crossed.

The Lokal
136 Neil Rd
Singapore 088865


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