Singapore: FOC Restaurant by Nandu Jubany

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I know I’ve sworn off tapas, those irrationally expensive, barely satisfying morsels…but made an exception for FOC given very favourable reviews by reliable friends. A and I had an early dinner there sometime last month because we are all for avoiding noisy drinking crowds, and work calls. Nevertheless grateful for these pockets of time with good food and great company. Nothing truly disappointed, as is the usual case, so two thumbs up! With the exception of the overly salty scallops and squid ink paella which had beautiful umami flavours but a very risotto-like texture, which really put me off. But it’s personal preference – the mushiness of risotto is not for me, and I happily occupied myself with the watermelon gazpacho, paired outstandingly with a quenelle of smoked olive oil ice cream. Very theatrically presented too, a nice reminder that the total dining experience engages more than just one’s sense of taste. Other highlights were the drinks, which held their own while harmoniously engaging each dish that came. Setting aside the expectations of the head chef and bartender being formerly from michelin-starred establishments (unrealistic comparison becomes inevitable), FOC offers good grub at fair prices. A very enjoyable meal!

FOC Restaurant by Nandu Jubany
40 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059679


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