Singapore: Lolla

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January’s treat (ugh so tardy, I know) saw us heading to Lolla, of sea urchin pudding and Lolla’s secret suppers fame. I can’t believe we ordered so much! All the above, and a tomato watermelon gazpacho, just for two. I guess it’s testament to how tiny the portion sizes are…as though we were all hibernating bears who could store such food up for weeks. Not happening. With the result that, despite amazing flavours and textures from said uni pudding, tenderly flavourful lamb chops ($14 each?!) and tangy pickled green apples served with the pork, there wasn’t much value for money to be had. That aside, we still managed to treat ourselves to an extra dish after deciding that money on wine could be better spent elsewhere, and did walk away with really great cooking inspirations (roasted garlic spread! watermelon soup! lemon curd you tiao!). Kudos especially to the warm and attentive service, who kindly shifted us from the communal table to the counter where we could watch the chefs in action! One of them has a mighty fine beard too – much San Francisco deja vu ensued. Nevertheless, the position of Tremendously Tantalizing Tapas has yet to be fulfilled…

22 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069702


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