Singapore: 1 UNA

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Wistful feelings assemble at the thought of dinners like these getting rarer as the months go by. We took a beautiful brief respite from this hectic period, in the bare breather of the three-day grace between each of our exams and had a long overdue meal at UNA – the number of times we’ve had to change the reservation on this place is quite unprecedented. But it was worth the wait, ambience (fairy lights and post-thunderstorm cool), food and especially company, the conversation this time peppered with exclamations as to how good the food was. And it really was! I finally got to try goat cheese stuffed tempura courgette flowers, the sweetness of the latter pairing well with slight sourness of the former. Tender veal and plump scallops paired well with jamon iberico; it was nice that the portion sizes were rather hearty for the price. Anyway, what truly stole the show for me was Amos’ tender, smokey and flavourful Iberico pork loin that wasn’t much of a looker but was outstanding in taste. I don’t know what marinade was used but I’d really like to find out! Desserts being on the house were another plus – thanks Chope. I’m awfully pleased to have a new go-to Spanish place.

1 Rochester Park
Singapore 139212
Closed Mondays


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