Singapore: Kilo Kitchen

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It’s been a truly whirlwind month…all ten days of it. But it’s surprising how much you can pack into your schedule when trying to weigh what needs to be done and what wants to be done! I like to go with the concept of balance – the more assignments and research papers bear down, the longer celebrations should be. So I kicked off a week of birthday festivities with a family dinner at Kilo, a place I’ve always wanted to try! Finally could convince the parents to come down despite the absence of aircon since I had full liberty to choose. The humidity was probably the only downside of the fantastic meal, with innovative flavours and textures that have really inspired me to try new combinations at home. We really did like almost everything: outstandings being the extremely fresh, flaky snapper, squid ink rice (bit heavy on the mayonnaise) and roasted fig+blue cheese+honey flatbread. Portion sizes might be on the small side, but grab a few friends, order a spread and you’ve got yourself a communal degustation. That’s pretty much what we plan to do the next time! Can’t wait to be back.

Note: the menu is slightly different from the one they have online. And yes, this is the sister of Kilo at Pact at OC but this mothership really has, in my opinion, better menu offerings!

Kilo Kitchen
66 Kampung Bugis, 2nd Floor


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