Singapore: Ristorante da Valentino

DSC01539 DSC01545 DSC01548 DSC01553 DSC01563 DSC01568

You know how some menus just make you want to craft your own multi-course meal instead of listening to your stomach capacity and limiting yourself to one main? Ristorante da Valentino is one of them. Add to that the fact that we go positively weak at the knees for Italian…and you get the picture. Or many pictures. Portions were manageable, given how rich the dishes were – a tower of babel for eggplant parmagiana, light as air beef carpaccio packed with flavour. And the pasta! Al dente black ribbons thread through a sea of creamy tomato sauce, studded with thick fleshy chunks of crab meat. I suppose Amos really liked his risotto too, because he still mentions it to this day. By the time we cleared 4 plates any normal people would take the slow dignified walk out to the carpark, but we just had to stay for the pizza. While slightly on the thin side, it was well-done all around. My favourite pizzas are still at Cicheti, though this one doesn’t fall too far behind. Also, the waiters are wonderful at giving wine pairings: start the conversation and there’s no going back.

Ristorante da Valentino
200 Turf Club Road, #01-19, Singapore 287994


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