Singapore: Jewel Cafe & Bar – New Menu

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Jewel Cafe is easily becoming one of my favourite places to go for a casual night out filled with good food. It consistently dishes up decent eats that can’t really be found elsewhere, and I’ve had one of my favourite cups of coffee (ever!) here. So it’s safe to say that I’ll be filling up my Jewel stamp card faster than I think.

This is an amalgamation of two night’s worth of meals – the octopus-avocado tataki entree and blue cheese burger being from the pre-revamped menu but I believe they’re one of the few dishes that are still served up. A really interesting combination of flavours but still very clean, the way I like it. I did think the wasabi flavour in the entree could be stronger and the patty a tad bit higher in doneness, especially since we ordered a medium-rare but really it came out quite rare.

On our subsequent visit Amos really enjoyed his mushroom foie gras risotto (he’s been ordering risottos non-stop to get me to overcome my distaste of them), and I did savour the couple of bites I took. It helped to have chunky funghi bits and shaved parmesan to break up the mushy richness of risottos. And my beef tenderloin pasta was a pat-on-the-back decision hehe. Flavourful and seared just right – medium rare this time – juicy slices of beef atop a bed of truffle-scented angel hair pasta. A tad oily, but I’m just being picky; would order again if I do feel up for beef. A simple but hearty dish.

They’ve also shaken up the coffee offerings – and axed the roasting of my all time favourite Costa Rican El Jaguar blend, I’m heartbroken. Will pick some up from US this December, but in the meantime, still excited to try the new varieties introduced like the Ethiopian Harrar. Blueberries? Mm!

Jewel Cafe & Bar
129 Rangoon Road


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