Singapore: Bonheur Patisserie


Of course I just have to be writing about macarons at this hour! You might recognise these though – ten lovely sugar spun things from Bonheur Patisserie located in Pasarbella at the Grandstand / Turf City. If you enter Pasarbella from the exit next to Giant Supermarket, these will be the first thing on your left. They also make adorable Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma and other decorated macaron shells with assorted flavours to boot (the Kermit one was yuzu flavoured, iirc). While I didn’t particularly take to the non-chocolatey ones – the filling being overly buttery for Amos and I – we really enjoyed the chocolate based ones, especially the slightly alcoholic coffee one. Flavours were nice and robust, can’t find fault there, though they could tone down on the sugar especially with the Thai Milk Tea flavour. Ultimately it’s a matter of texture preference and I’m really quite partial to the dense, chewy ones of Pierre Herme in the end…a PH girl all the way! But I like the shells of these, so I definitely wouldn’t rule out another round of the decadent chocolate-based ones. Perhaps tomorrow 🙂

Bonheur Patisserie
70 Duxton Road
Singapore 089529

*We went to the sister outlet in Pasarbella, not the main Duxton one.


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