Singapore: Slake




Surprised with dinner by Amos at this new outfit in the east – Slake! Or short for Swan Lake Avenue on which it sits, and not Singapore Lake as I (very wrongly) assumed. We dropped by late Monday night, the very first Monday on which they were open, and Slake is now closed for business on Tuesdays instead. Josh highly recommended the Asian Chicken Pesto Noodles and ***new item*** 500g Wagyu Rump Steak which we happily went for because when the chef guarantees it, of course you go for it. Needless to say we were thoroughly satisfied after polishing off the noodles – Vietnamese inspired pesto tossed with ‘bun cha’ style noodles and very generous, tender cubes of chicken doused heartily in herbs. I really really loved the addition of the pomegranate seeds, those red jewels bursting happily in my mouth that provided a refreshing contrast to the richness of the noodles and especially the beef. But indulgence is what you go for in thickly sliced, nicely charred, beautifully melting meat. Fat hugs the meat around the sides, giving you the option of eating just that little bit healthier. Alternatively, pop the entire slice in your mouth with a dab of accompanying honey mustard for a wonderfully chewy, melty experience. Slake may be a little bit hard to get to but we’re more than excited to return to try their other offerings! Which I’m pretty sure would go really really well with a selection off their bountiful alcohol list…

15 Swan Lake Avenue
Singapore 455711


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