Singapore: Bistro Soori

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A slew of midday dates as of late given that the chances of having languid lazy lunches dwindles as the new year approaches. Granted, it’s rather far away, but the realities of student life fade quite quickly! We tromped down to Bistro Soori one very sunny afternoon – a place I’ve wanted to try for a long time. Partly (okay mostly) because of how beautiful the restaurant is designed, attributable to one of the owners being with SCDA Architects whose office is right next door. The shifting daylight was lovely and kept the meal exciting, filtering through thin, closely placed wooden beams lying overhead. The food is nothing to shout about, decent fare in baby portions that do add up at the end – especially given how rich the desserts are. I did like the white balsamic dressing that came with my salad, suitably balancing the saltiness of the parma ham and the bitterness of the arugula. Also enjoyed the sun-dried tomato bread at the start of the meal! Given the attractive price point ($35++ for 3 courses) and light, calming atmosphere it nevertheless makes for a choice venue to rest and recharge. Thanks Amos for the surprise :’)

Bistro Soori
2 Teck Lim Rd
Singapore 088380


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