Singapore: Cicheti




The few times we can spoil ourselves (and wallets) silly is when eating with friends – or so says the latest philosophy we’re trying to live out. That kind of went out the window today, but that’s a story for another time since it would’ve been broken anyway given my determination to return to Cicheti. While initially booked to eat at another dining establishment, the hot pink and purple decor somewhat scared us away and we turned instead to seek out some good italian at this relatively new (Dec 2013) restaurant along the same street. And boy was it a treat! Amos and I particularly loved the day’s special, pumpkin salad with candied granola, since sweet and crunchy provides a really palatable contrast to the creaminess of the pumpkin and sharpness of the arugula. Also satisfying was the squid ink crab pasta, al dente pasta weaving in between light and creamy coatings of tomato and crabmeat. Filling but not overly heavy so as to allow some space for the salt baked sea bass, tender and flavourful from rosemary, lemon and garlic packed into the body of the fish. Cicheti is also known for its pizza, and I was well pleased with the chewy, lightly charred margherita that made for one satisfying mouthful. Would really like to return for lunch, given that the same pizza dough is used to prepare taste-packed sandwiches for the ravenous office crowd. Shouldn’t be too long!

52 Kandahar Street
Singapore 198901


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