Okinawa: Mikasa

P1080235 P1080236

Fond memories of Okinawa with Grace spring up upon looking at this dish and recalling the intense flavours that permeate once one learns patience in waiting for the food to cool down. This was our last dinner in Okinawa – the recommended 24 hour stir fry place that spills over in authenticity. My gyuu-nasu chanpuru a.k.a beef eggplant stirfry was full of my favourite ingredients and flavours: tender beef slices (without any of that awful tendon) hiding between slivers of soft eggplant and bouncy tofu, topped finally with spring onions. All cradled in an unmistakeable aura of wok-hei!! The pictures are slightly blur due to the steam fogging up my camera, and the free-flow butter to add to your rice isn’t present. The place isn’t anything pretty, almost like an old beat up cafeteria, but at that comforting booth which we walked so long to we had a wonderful meal that encapsulated the past 5 days – packed with intensity, a couple shades darker thanks to the sun, full bellies, and above all with fantastic company. So much to miss! But even more to look forward to 🙂

Mikasa (Matsuyama Branch) 三笠 松山店
沖縄県那覇市松山1-3-17 伊波ビル 1F
1-3-17 Matsuyama, Naha-shi, Okinawa



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