Singapore: Bridge Singapore


Seah Street looks wildly different from what I remember, what with the emergence of Naumi hotel and the string of trendy gastropubs that trail behind like little ducklings. Chanced upon Bridge, at 31 Seah Street, on Instagram and decided to check it out; not because it was wildly popular or anything but because there was such an absence of information. Apparently the owner is very superstitious and does not want publicity in the seventh month, hence the relatively quiet soft launch. Expect to hear a lot more about this place in the coming weeks! The food is gooooood.


Since Laura and I were the earliest we had the first pick of the menu Not extensive but well-covered, with all the main meats included. My fish dish, cod with spaghetti squash and pea shoots in a milky broth, was very enjoyable. A sizeable cod serving, nicely seared and flaky and oily, in a broth that tastes somewhat like the 3-egg dishes you get at zichar restaurants. Yum! Aglio olio was decently garlicky and packed quite a spicy punch. It disappeared first, so I suppose it was good.


After ZK came we got the Bridge Wings and Fish Jerky to share. Wings looked very plump and juicy and were served with sambal and a calamansi fruit, somewhat like the BBQ chicken dish from a hawker centre polished up quite nicely. I really enjoyed the fish jerky, tasting like bakkwa and served with wasabi mayonnaise and tobiko roe. Not sure if it’s any healthier in comparison but it sure is yummy!

DSC01273 DSC01278

Duck confit, which was on the salty side (over-brined)? with mashed sweet potato, and chicken, stuffed with spinach and decorated with an assortment of nicely poached and/or roasted vegetables. Actually overall a truly enjoyable meal with good company and beautifully plated food; the comprehensive drinks menu described some creatively concocted stuff but I was simply too full after the meal to down a cocktail or two. Perhaps next time, and to try out the lunch offerings as well! I’ll be back – it’s a lovely place.

Bridge Cafe, Restaurant, Bar
31 Seah Street


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