Aomori: Hirosaki Apple Park

P1090758 P1090761 P1090763

 A great highlight of my months in Japan was definitely Aomori, where we stayed because rooms in Hirosaki had been completely snapped up given that going to Hirosaki castle is pretty much a ritual for hanami hunters. Which is perfectly fine, given that the two towns are only a 45 minute JR ride apart. We decided to do something different instead and headed to the Apple Park, which is one of the many apple fields that give Aomori its reputation as producing some of the best apples in Japan. This isn’t an accolade that comes lightly – the blue forest (literally translated), produces massive juicy apples in a fantastic variety. My favourite for chomping on is fuji, but I feel the best juicing apple would be the jona gold. Anyway, the park is pretty much a barren in the spring, but still has some lovely plains to picnic in and take in the sights of the nearby fujisan-like mountain. Of course, eating at the cafe is a must. It’s pretty impressive how they manage to stuff apples into everything! Pictured above is my apple and meat hamburg, Amos had tonkatsu with apple stuffed in with the pork cutlet before being deep fried, and we got a slice of apple pie to share. The baked apples were perfectly firm, without any of that annoying sogginess. I only didn’t like the gelatinous topping, but it’s really a matter of personal preference. Would be awfully ideal to come back here in the hear of apple season and pick to my heart’s content! For now, I’ll hone my skills in the fruit aisles of supermarkets. So close yet so far…

Hirosaki Apple Park ‘Ringokoen’ りんご公園 [Japanese]
125 清水富田弘前青森県 036-8262
125 Shimizutomita, Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture 036-8262, Japan


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