Singapore: Fordham & Grand


My last meal at Fordham & Grand, more than a year ago after the Ilo Ilo premier with Glen, gave me my most memorable life-changing french toast experience yet. Astonishingly crispy exterior with a deliciously soft, stretchy interior, accompanied by ice cream and a dollop of wonderful rum custard. I still dream of it sometimes. So it was fitting that we headed back there to catch up over their new menu offerings.


Glen got a fat oyster while Amos and I shared miso eggplant for starters – a flavourful dish despite the bar being raised ridiculously high by the entree we had in Japan. This was served grilled with enoki mushrooms and jerusalem artichoke chips, which I love and which my grandmother makes every Chinese New Year. The ingredients are simple, I just need to find the right miso to grill these purple logs to perfection. And get my hands on some of those chips of course.


The dark, moody lighting of the place did wonders for atmosphere but little for photography hence missing pictures of our mains. They were all good, and especially interesting was the grape and tomato dressing accompanying Amos’ kurobuta pork steak. Also ordered were seared halibut with tiger prawns, duck leg, and lamb. The last two were incredibly tender though a little heavy on the oil (can’t be helped, when rendered fat is included), and I really enjoyed the ratatouille upon which my fish perched. Yum.


This is Glen’s berry dessert, a deconstructed berry cheesecake of sorts. The berry granita was fantastic and went really well with the biscuit and cream cheese. Needless to say I stole more than a couple of spoonfuls… Lari quite liked her banana cake as well though I’m not a fan of banana. My jivara parfait, while indulgent and fantastic, was slightly pricey for the serving, though I did have fun scraping every last bit of the passionfruit reduction. This passionfruit love hasn’t died down.


F&G’s real appeal lies in its good food, attentive service and really late operating hours (till 3am). It’s a little hard to find, identifiable only by a brown door and small logo along Craig Road, but it’s well worth the trip. Apparently they have a good wine list too, but what with the dim lighting and huge quantity of food, a glass would have just put me right to sleep. Maybe next time, to accompany the lobster linguine! Soon soon.

Fordham & Grand
43 Craig Road, Singapore 089681


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