Singapore: La Nonna (Namly)


Happily brought out for proper Italian food this weekday afternoon – something I’ve really been craving since fusion pasta is about the only pasta you can really find in Japan. We went to the original La Nonna at Namly, which is 50% off for lunch instead of one-for-one at HV, though difficult to get to via public transport. Started with prosciutto ham and melon, a wonderful combination of salty and sweet when done well. The melon was refreshingly sweet but the ham was a little too one dimensional for my liking, too much salt that slightly overwhelmed any flavour of the meat (it’s ham, I know, but still).




Also got two pastas to share, the pappardelle and linguine. The former was served in a fragrant truffle cream sauce, which filled us up quite quick. I’m of the opinion that pappardelle is really thinner Italian ban mian, but I know some people might beg to differ… The linguine came accompanied with a mountain of clams in a white wine sauce, essentially a vongole. The sauce was very good, what with a healthy dose of wine and olive oil flavour coming through.


The house specialty La Nonna pizza, with asparagus, truffles and an onsen egg atop a thin tomato crust. So much love for thin crust pizzas, especially those topped with truffle spread. Truffle stuff, when added in the right proportions, really elevates flavour to an entirely new level. And that aroma! Definitely going to have to make myself another batch of truffle butter soon.

La Nonna (Namly)
76 Namly Place, Singapore 267226


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