Fukuoka: Cafe Del Sol


Tucked into a tiny alley in Tenjin is a kitschy cafe decked out with thigh-high magnum bottles serving up coffee with the most adorable latte art. My coffee arrived in a mug with a huge bear beaming up at me – I suppose that’s another way coffee can cheer you up! A quick perusal of the menu shows that they do bunnies cradled by crescent moons (!!) a perfect Chang-e depiction if there ever was one. It’s mooncake festival around this time no?



Fluffy, fluffy pancakes if you’re into that sort. I seem to be on a pancake roll lately; we ordered the basic maple syrup ones to share. These were incredibly light and airy and hinted at a ton of baking powder being used. Though I prefer my pancakes a little denser, these didn’t feel too heavy even after they were gone. My favourite part of the dish was more of those speckles of raspberry compote atop the whipped cream and milk gelato – nicely tangy and sweet and the perfect accompaniment really. A great second dinner and dessert all rolled into one.

Cafe del Sol
1-14-45 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka


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