Fukuoka: Nana’s Green Tea


If the colour green has never been a synonym for absolutely delicious for you – Japan is going to change all that. There’s really nothing in the world quite like matcha: a clean bitter hit followed by the lingering of a natural, raw sweetness, strong or mellow depending on the type of tea of choice. Fukuoka’s Yame region is particularly known for its Yame gyokuro sencha (八女玉露煎茶), the finest of young green tea leaves grown in the shade to obtain that mild, robust, intensely sweet brewed tea. It’s one of my favourites.


The number of desserts the Japanese can incorporate matcha into is pretty darn impressive. Carly and I shared a towering matcha gateaux chocolate parfait – vanilla soft cream with cubes of matcha and konnyaku jelly, cornflakes, a baby scoop of adzuki bean paste, rich matcha ice cream, a slice of flourless matcha chocolate cake, wafer and topped off with ribbons of matcha syrup spun round a hat of whipped cream. That’s an impressive amount of things you can squeeze into a parfait glass! Also ordered was matcha blended with cream and ice, topped with warabi mochi and kinako powder, soft cream or a scoop of matcha ice cream if you haven’t had enough. Eat my greens? Happily.

I did have doubts about Nana’s in Japan, since I don’t like the outlet in Singapore. But if there’s one thing they do right in the +81 it’s matcha, and my fears were unfounded. Needless to say, we were all intensely happy after polishing these off. I would recommend sharing though.

Nana’s Green Tea
Outlets all across Japan; 4F Solaria Plaza, 2-2-43 Chuo-ku, Tenjin in Fukuoka
ソラリアプラザビル 4F


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