Tokyo: Pierre Herme Aoyama


This might have been the thing that nearly made me miss my flight to Seoul, I’ve conveniently forgotten. Despite my great resolution not to eat anymore PH macarons the window display of Pierre Herme’s Aoyama outlet was just too tempting to resist: huge macarons balancing precariously atop each other to form a skyline of macaron skyscrapers. We had lemon tarts in the tearoom on the second floor, a beautifully appointed and opulent space overlooking the busy main road. This tart wouldn’t have made my list of top 3 tarts though – the curd too sweet and the tart crust not being my preferred dense, buttery kind. A very viscous curd housed in a rather dry and crumbly crust, with the glaze being overly gelatinous in texture…really quite disappointed, shall just stick to his magical macarons from now on (those never fail me).

Pierre Herme Aoyama
1F2F, 5-51-8 Jingumae
Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 150-0001



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