Kurokawa Onsen: Warokuya




Given the abundance of ryokans in Kurokawa Onsen (it is an onsen town, naturally), the meal options for day trippers or light eaters or even lunch are few and far between. Warokuya’s famous for their squid-ink pork curry and horsemeat curry – two of three Japanese-style curries made in-house every day. While not spicy in the least, and the pork chunks of a pretty petite size, the curry did go well with a hearty portion of katsu and rice. Actually, it’s not near an excellent curry but I put its popularity down with how well it feels to chow this down in between onsen soaks, and in the ever-persistent drizzle that made the soaking delightful but the trip there not. Outfitted like a bar transitioning from traditional to modern Japan, dining in your yukatas simply enhances the time-travel feeling that envelops the restaurant, and along with it, the town itself. We topped up a cake and got treated to a dainty example of food art with yogurt, mango and berry sauce forming a border of flowers (snowflakes?) around the plate. There are other offerings besides curry on the menu, but I can’t recall them at all.

Warokuya 八六屋
It’s just before the bridge to Okyakuya Ryokan.
6600-1 Kurokawa, Ogunimachi, Minami-Aso, Kumamoto


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