Fukuoka: Kakurega



Japanese pasta – a description where word order plays an utmost importance. While looking for another Italian restaurant (only to find out that it was closed, mistake on my part), we somehow ended up at this small homey place near the Kashiimiyamae train station. One sole hearty chef at the helm, the handmade pasta noodles turned out more ramen than anything, to my great surprise and amusement. We ordered the uni fresh cream pasta and seasonal vegetable genovese for our mains, and were pretty pleased with the sauces – the creaminess and subtle sweetness of uni quite discernible, and the innovative use of locally grown spinach, sweet potato, cabbages, and a likeable eggplant lightly blanched and tossed in a basil mixture. Another experience that has taught me not to expect anything truly international, everything is Japonified. But if you come with an open mind, it’s a pleasant surprise and interesting meal you can certainly look forward to, or an unlikely induction into ‘fusion’ food that has been all the rage of late. Ooh! I didn’t manage to catch a picture of the appetizers, but I do remember the scallop being quite a delicious pearly thing.

Ristorante Kakurega リストランテ 隠れ家
1-22-5 Kashii, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka
〒813-0011 福岡市東区香椎1-22-5 並木マンション1F


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