Taipei: Smoked Goose


It’s Dad’s birthday today so here’s a dish close to my heart: smoked goose meat from way back when I was little and lived in Taipei. It’s changed so much – though still down this lane, it’s grown from a small push cart where Mom would pick some meat up after ballet class and bring it home for us to feast on. Now it’s expanded to occupy two stalls and serves up so much more than just meat and rice. And it’s still nameless, save for a sign that says “鹅肉-各种小菜”.



All that goodness smashed up against the glass peering at me! This sort of presentation may scare others off but it’s what I love about street food, how there’s no need for plating or superficiality in presentation, and yet tastes just as good, if not better. Isn’t that what food is about anyway? Also, with masks and gloves in the handling I have no fears regarding hygiene either. At least you can see the way food is dealt with and judge for yourself, rather than enclosed kitchens in the backyard of some restaurants.


Really interesting variation of cauliflower (I think they called this broccoli) that I’ve only ever seen in Taiwan.


They never had this when I was young! Thin kway teow in a richly flavoured broth topped with spring onions, bean sprouts, fried shallots, pickled vegetables and blanched pork slices. It’s really quite delicious.


Here’s the meal I had with the other two-thirds of my Tapas Triad when we headed to Taiwan a couple of years ago. Feels like it’s been so long! Thanks guys for letting me drag you out of town to have this :’) Spot the mountain of goose meat – juicy, tender and imbued with a deep smokey flavour. It may not be the best in Taiwan (I wouldn’t know, I only eat this and I’m biased), but it’s so dear to me that I have it every time I’m back in Taipei, and it’s just as good as when I first tried it >10 years ago.

Happy birthday Daddy! Thank you for everything. Love you very very much.


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