A loves Bibimbap with a passion. It’s apparently one of those things he can never get tired of eating, which is how we found ourselves eating all of the following (and more) over 5 days. Bibimbap is an inexpensive traditional Korean dish of assorted julienned vegetables and pickles atop steamed rice, sometimes garnished with seaweed and sesame and whirled around in a mad dance with lashings of gochujang (Korean red pepper paste). I love how it’s so colourful and every spoonful is just overflowing with flavour and texture.




This was the only time we had the toppings served separately from the rice. Surprised to see that there isn’t much rice actually! This was one of my favourites, some really innovative toppings in there, like pumpkin seeds and duck. There’s also a spicy vegetable one for those who need to make the rare kid-friendly Korean dish into an adult one.



Dolsot bibimbap, or hot stone bibimbap. It makes everything so crunchy! Makes me miss Lorong 33 claypot rice. I do love a well-burnt spoonful of rice. It has a smokey flavour like no other, though I always stress when the vegetables start melting into the stone bowl too siiigh.




Proclaimed best bibimbap of the trip by A. And the only one where we could DIY the gochujang, and contained octopus. A clear winner here.


After you mix the ingredients all up, they all look about the same anyway:


The “actually I don’t think it’s very hard to make a good bibimbap leh” BBB Criteria:

The sauce cannot be too sweet
There cannot be too much sauce
The vegetables must be fresh
The ratio of the vegetables to rice
The rice cannot be clumpy
The egg must either be raw (dolsot) or no egg at all
There must be octopus inside!

And there you go.

Try it here:

Traditional Jeonju bibimbap + traditional music + massive bbb pot to take pictures with
Seoul-si Jung-gu Chungmuro 2-ga 27
서울특별시 중구 명동8가길 37 (충무로2가)

북촌 아름다운 비빔밥
Bibimbap in a Hanok, near Bukchon Hanok Village + interesting toppings
179-1 Wonseo-dong, Jongno-gu
서울시 종로구 원서동 179-1


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